Business Support

Providing savings directly to BID businesses over the last 3 years via the business Support scheme. Supporting City Centre BID businesses is the core work of the Wolverhampton BID team.

One way we can help to make the city centre work better for you is to save your business money on its operating costs.

Total Identified Saving so far: £150,247.27
Total Realised Savings so far: £83,383.68

Saving you money

Wolverhampton BID in partnership with Meercat Associates can deliver cost savings to your business by using the collective purchasing power and economies of scale brought about by so many businesses working together.

Meercat Associates specialise in sourcing and managing contracts for individual businesses large and small and have established effective partnerships with many other BID’s across the UK.

Benefits to your business:

There is no catch and no commission, we want your business to benefit from the savings we can offer and support your businesses in the best way it can.

The Voice of the Businesses

The city is changing, key sites within the centre are being developed bringing much need investment centre and businesses don’t always feel they are in control of how decisions are made or as involved as they would have liked. The BID will provide a representative elected organisation that will have considerable influence on tackling key issues that affect how the city centre operates.

Representing just under 700 businesses the BID will have a significant and collective voice and will ensure levy payers are involved in the key decisions being made in the city centre.

The BID team will be regularly meeting with key stakeholders and championing the city wherever possible to raise the profile of the city centre and drive it forward.

Townscape Heritage

Queen Street Gateway is the main thoroughfare and a key historic route into the City Centre and one which will now benefit from a Heritage Lottery Fund grant of over £800,000 which seeks improvements to properties on Queen Street with the aim of repairing, restoring and reusing the buildings and historic townscape.

The BID will represent the city centre businesses on the schemes’ partnership to: