Small Change for a Big Change

Street Begging in Wolverhampton City Centre – Think Before You Give

The Alternative Giving Campaign is an organisation set up by the Wolverhampton BID – committed to helping people to get off the street and receive the right support or accommodation they need. We do this by working with local charity support agencies, the Police and Wolverhampton City Council. The reasons why people beg on the street can be complicated and only addressed with the right agency support. Giving money to beggars may make life on the street easier for them in the short term, but, in the worst case, could feed a dependency. It takes more than money to turn a life around.
The Alternative Giving Campaign supports the 3 charities – P3 Navigator, St Georges Hub and The Street Pastors. 100% of the money raised through the Alternative Giving Campaign is split between them.

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Alternative Giving
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