Brick Wonders – Natural Wonders made from LEGO bricks.

Brick Wonders – the tour is an exhibition of the models of ‘Brick Wonders’, Warren Elsmore’s second book, released in May 2014. Each individual LEGO model can be seen in all its glory – showing the versatility of LEGO and amazing wonders throughout time.


Where: Wolverhampton Art Gallery

Featuring over 70 LEGO models, the exhibition appeals to all ages whilst teaching creativity and expression. The exhibition covers not only the seven Ancient Wonders, but also Seven Old, Modern and Natural wonders.

LEGO bricks are unique in their appeal, having been a top selling toy for over 50 years. The use of this toy as an artistic medium provides an instant engagement, allowing your venue to attract both children and adults alike.

A touring exhibition from Warren Elsmore.

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