OCT 26

Double Dickens with Ian Pearce and Tim Knight

Double Dickens

Where: Arena Theatre

The Trial of Pickwick

Tim Knight presents The Trial of Pickwick. This is an extraordinary piece of solo theatre performed by an extraordinary performer.

In re-telling this brilliantly satirical and funny episode from The Pickwick Papers audiences are given a rare treat in the art of multi-role acting. Knight thrilling conjures up the unforgettable characters Snodgrass, Winkle, The Widow Bardell and the irrepressible Sam Weller.

This is guaranteed to be a memorable event as Knight captures the essence of Dickens in this unique and intimate setting.

Doctor Marigold’s Prescriptions

Following huge success at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival over the last two years, performer Ian Pearce is bringing this heart-warming and colourful Dickens tale to life in Doctor Marigold’s breathless sales patter!

Doctor Marigold, named after the doctor who delivered him, is a “cheap-jack” who hawks sundries from a travelling cart he inhabits with his wife and his daughter Sophy.

The story follows the rise and fall of his fortunes, his adoption of a mute circus girl, love, loss and hope, delivering on all of the wonderful twists and turns we have come to expect of a Dickens classic.

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