OCT 14

Workshops – Craft Beer Festival

Craft Beer Festival

Where: Arena Theatre

Here’s where you book for our exciting free beer workshops.  Attendance at these is limited and must be booked in advance as we have to make sure there is sufficient free beer/cheese/chocolate/chairs*

3.00pm – Beer & Cheese – A Match Made in Fermentation Heaven

Not many people realise that beer and cheese have far more in common than beer and wine (as long as you can forgive the loss of head on even the frothiest beer). Beer and cheese both derive from ancient fermentation practices based on grain and are amazingly complementary.  This is an unrivalled chance to have this proven to you for free whilst enjoying two of the best pleasures in life.

4.00pm   – One Brew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – Tastes of Beer in Literature

Have you ever wondered what exact beer Tolkein had in mind, or what Shakespeare meant by ale or whether mead is as good as George R R Martin  suggests in Game of Thrones?  This might be your chance to find out, take this opportunity to experience similar beers from the stories and find out what beer has brought to literature.

5.00pm – Matching Beer & Chocolate – Punchline Brewery

It could be considered that beer and chocolate are about as compatible as a fish and a bicycle but Punchline are here to demonstrate how a trout could win the Tour de France! (or at the very least how chocolate and beer can be delicious together)

6.00pm – Branding a Craft Brewery – Fownes Brewing Company – Brewers Of Epic Tales Since MMXII

Fownes Brewery will be delivering a talk about their approach to branding a craft brewery ably assisted by epic tales from renowned local storyteller John Edgar.

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