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City Ambassadors

Our City Ambassadors are the face, eyes and ears for the BID team, ensuring city centre operations run smoothly. Our experienced team provide a welcoming sense of security and a visible presence within the BID area.

Our team, Wendy, Sally Heidi and Jo undertake a wide range of tasks including:

  • Greeting visitors to the City and be available to members of the public requiring help, assistance, advice, guidance and direction.
  • Advising shoppers and visitors about the range of services and facilities.
  • Providing a smart, uniformed, highly visible, friendly walking visitor information service and business liaison service.
  • Maintaining an excellent understanding of City centre operations, City events, attractions and BID activities.
  • Visiting businesses regularly to address business needs, suggestions, security matters and record incidents, complaints or other feedback.
  • Patrolling the city centre on a daily basis.
  • To work with Police, PCSO’s, City Council Compliance officers, our own CCTV operator, Shopping Centre Security & CCTV officers and other partners to assist in the reduction of stock loss, antisocial behaviour and opportunities for crime.
  • Offering basic First Aid and assist with lost children and offer assistance to vulnerable people.
  • Dementia Awareness trained.
  • Assisting businesses with co-ordinating promotions through to dealing with anti-social behaviour.
  • Supporting property owners in keeping boundaries clean, tidy and attractive and devoid of litter.
  • Maintaining communications with the control room, management and other agencies through the use of the radio and DISC Crime reporting app.
  • Business contact gathering info and maintaining regular and effective contact with levy payers.

Meet the Ambassadors

Jo Parker

Heidi Wall-Holden

Sally Perkins

Wendy Houghton

Merrill Charnock