The BID secures £308,300 for an accessible City for the next 5 years.

Our commitment is to reduce any barriers to customers and visitors coming and to encourage them to stay longer.

Reduced Parking Costs

We will continue to work with NCP and other car park providers to provide competitive shoppers tariffs and seasonal parking campaigns.

BID Business Employees Parking Tariff
Working with NCP we have secured a reduced cost parking tariff for BID Business employees. With over 520 city centre employees taking advantage of this reduced cost parking at the Wulfrun centre, call the BID team to join this scheme.

Lobbying For An Accessible City Centre

Representing businesses is a fundamental part of the work of the BID, we will actively pursue attractive parking charges and provide parking incentives encouraging visitors to stay longer and form part of a positive customer experience.

Bus Tram and Train Promotions

Working together with Bus, Train and Metro operators to provide attractive fares for visitors using these sustainable travel methods. Investigating opportunities for a Community Rail Partnership or ‘Adopt a Station’ project to brighten this key gateway into our city centre for all visitors.

Signage and Mapping Systems

Enhance the sense of welcome at car parks and gateways to the city centre through maps, signage, directions and event advertising.

“Our City centre is very walkable, with shops, businesses, services and entertainment venues all within easy reach. We are committed to ensuring people can easily find their way around the city centre by providing clear and welcoming signage and working with partners to ensure our city centre signage is comprehensive.”

Cherry Shine, BID Director

“For our business, it is important that clients want to come to Wolverhampton, feel they can park and be safe. Once they are in the City to see us there should be enough here to make them stay, shop, eat, all those things are being addressed by the BID.”

Alison Westwood, Thornes Solicitors