Business Plan 2020 – 2025

A Bright Future…

We have achieved so much over the first 5 years of the BID, with a great deal of the BID’s work including City Ambassadors, CCTV surveillance and an annual events program forming the fabric of city life. We have focussed on delivering marketing that puts the city in a positive light and have developed the ‘Enjoy Wolverhampton’ brand to showcase our city and a full range of positive projects and initiatives. The BID team are committed to driving change and delivering projects that are important to businesses including the Night Guardians, greening the city and delivering more events to increase footfall. Vote YES and we can continue to build on our successes and deliver much more.

Cherry Shine; BID Director

You can download your copy here or you can contact the BID team on 01902 710903 to request a printed copy.