168 businesses completed our recent survey feeding back their opinions and ideas for the next five years.

Responses were received from a wide range of sectors including retail, offices, pubs, bars and venues, 50.6% of the responses came from independent businesses and 49.4% from national brands that operate day and night.

82% of the 168 surveys completed stated their business had benefited from the services of the BID.

42% of businesses identified that Parking offers, and incentives were priorities for the BID to deliver.

56% of business stated having a Clean, Safe and Welcoming City Centre was their top priority.

67% of businesses told us the CCTV Public Surveillance was their top priority for the BID to continue to deliver.

140 businesses told us their priority projects were to deliver targeted marketing of the city centre and to hold events to attract footfall.

107 businesses told us the City Ambassador Team was the best service provided by the BID.

Businesses Identified That Their Top BID Services ARE:

• City Ambassadors
• CCTV Public Surveillance
• Crime Reporting
• Targeted Marketing
• Events

We have listened to your feedback, considered your priorities and taken on board your ideas for what the BID can deliver over the next 5 years. We have set out our existing services and have identified new ones that we plan to deliver in 2020 to 2025.