Your YES vote will enable Wolverhampton BID to continue to deliver services and activities for you, your business and our City Centre.

All voters will receive a BID Business Plan in the post on Wednesday 11th September.

Voting papers (including a pre-paid return envelope) will be sent to all voters on 23rd September 2019.


What happens next?

• Some voters will be receiving more than one set of voting papers as they are registered as a voter for more than one property.

• Electoral Reform Services (ERS) have been appointed by City of Wolverhampton Council to deliver the independent postal ballot.

• The voting period starts on Friday 27th September and lasts for 28 days until 5pm on Thursday 24th October 2019.

• If you do not receive the voting papers by Friday 18th October please let us know as we will be able to log this to make sure you receive a replacement voting paper.

• If you wish for someone else to vote on your behalf (appointing a proxy voter) let ERS know in writing before the deadline of 5pm Monday 14th October 2019.

• If you change your mind and wish to cancel your proxy vote please let the BID team know before the 19th October 2019.

• If you lose or spoil your voting papers please let us know and we can make sure you receive a replacement voting paper.

• During the voting period, you have the option to return your ballot papers to ERS via a ballot box located within the Civic Centre at St. Peter’s Square, Wolverhampton, WV1 1SH (votes cast in this way must be done before 5pm on Wednesday 23 rd October 2019 in order to enable transfer to ERS)

• Votes received after 5pm on Thursday 24th October 2019 will not be counted.

• Wolverhampton BID will be notified of the voting results by 5pm on Friday 25th October 2019.