25 February 2022

British Art Show 9 - What is it and where you can visit?

What is British Art Show 9 (BAS9)?

British Art Show 9 takes a critical look at art produced in Britain, from 2015 up to the present moment, a period that begins with Britain voting to leave the European Union and closes with the still unfolding Covid-19 pandemic. The exhibition was shaped after meeting with over 230 artists in 23 cities in the UK and beyond.

Responding to this complex time, the 47 artists in BAS9 look at how we live with and give voice to difference, while also extending our understanding of identity to beyond the human. Their projects often blur the boundaries between art and life, and imagine alternative futures. Through their works, they propose alternative economies and ways of living together that emphasise commonality, collaboration and care. They do so through film, photography, painting, sculpture, and performance, as well as through projects that don’t sit easily in any one category.

Arriving in Wolverhampton 22nd Jan to 10 Apr 2022

It’s a high-profile touring exhibition celebrating recent contemporary British art. It is presented every five years in four cities across the UK. Wolverhampton is the second stop on the tour, after Aberdeen. It’s also touring Manchester and Plymouth. Each city has a particular theme and ours is “Living with Difference”. The exhibition will look at Wolverhampton’s history as an important centre of immigration, the diversity of the population and what that means as a place to live. There’s a whole mix of media – paintings, sculpture, film, performance, installation - so something for everyone. There’ll be programmes for families and school. The exhibition is free to attend. Don’t come with any preconceptions about what to expect. Have a curious mind and you’ll be really surprised about what you see.

Where will the exhibition take place?

The exhibition will be spread across the Art Gallery and the Fine Art Department of the University. There will be installations across the city centre by local artists. 

Why is art important for Wolverhampton? 

Culture generally is a very important part of the city offer. We know that more people want to visit and live in cities with a really good cultural offering. It improves the quality of life and contributes to people’s health and wellbeing.For full details please follow this link Wolverhampton - British Art Show 9