Pepe's Chicken

3 Broad Street, Wolverhampton, WV1 1JA

About Pepe's Chicken

We’re often asked what the secret is behind our great tasting chicken. Hint: it’s not just the Piri Piri. We attribute it to our people first approach. From the outset, we decided to structure our business a little differently. Instead of putting profits at the heart of our business, we gave relationships the utmost importance. Relationships based on honesty, respect and, most importantly integrity. We did this because we firmly believe that if you make the people around you happy, they will make others happy, creating a virtuous and mutually beneficial circle. A crazy idea? Maybe. But the results speak for themselves. Our successful organic and steady growth is a result of our measured and diligent approach. A small town start with big world dreams, our journey began in 2007, with the opening of Pepe’s Watford. Our vision was to develop and nurture the brand in the United Kingdom, with a long-term view to take Pepe’s global. Since then, we have taken the time to lay solid foundations, by building infrastructure, training systems and a solid management team to reflect our values. We don’t just talk a good game. We believe in practical delivery through our actions.

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