08 June 2023

City centre businesses join forces to promote awards

MNA Digital is partnering with Wolverhampton BID to promote awards which highlight the incredible businesses in the city.

The BID Excellence Awards recognise and champion the talent, hard work and resilience found in Wolverhampton’s city centre businesses.

Now MNA Digital, which is the region’s highest-rated digital marketing agency, is putting their energy into focusing on the awards and the businesses that make such a vital contribution to the city centre.

There are 12 categories in the awards, which focus on industry and customer service excellence, as well as the efforts and achievements of individuals and businesses. A glittering awards ceremony will take place at Grand Central Station on July 13 when dozens of businesses will celebrate with the winners.

Cherry Shine, managing director of Wolverhampton BID, said: “We are delighted to announce MNA Digital as our media partners for the BID Excellence Awards.

“MNA Digital is a sister company to the Express & Star, which continues to be the main news source for Wolverhampton. The partnership therefore offers us a platform, both offline and online, to promote our businesses to the wider region, raise the profile of the awards and celebrate our city centre.”

Natalie Coughlan, head of marketing and client services for MNA Digital, said as part of Britain’s largest independent media agency, they have a long-standing history of supporting businesses with their marketing.

“We recently celebrated becoming the highest-rated digital marketing agency in the West Midlands with 4.8 stars out of 5 on Google,” said Natalie. “This has come from our reputation of supporting businesses in and around Wolverhampton, helping them achieve their online objectives and continue to grow.

“Through our links with the Express & Star we have been based in the heart of Wolverhampton for around 150 years and have always been proud to support the city’s incredible businesses. They are the beating heart of the city and attract thousands of visitors and shoppers, ensuring that Wolverhampton continues to thrive.

“Their contribution to the local economy is immeasurable and it is important that their efforts are acknowledged. We are thrilled to be media partners for the BID Excellence Awards, which focus on the amazing businesses we have that make such a vital contribution to our city centre.”