SEP 20

Don’t Send Flowers

Where: Arena Theatre

Friday 20th September at 7.30pm

Tickets £14 full price and £12 concessions

Grace is in therapy because her Father is dying and she’s not handling it very well. John is in therapy because he’s dying, and also not handling it too well. Louis is in therapy because his work told him he has to be. None of them want to talk to a stranger about the fact this doesn’t make them happy. So, they strike up a friendship with each other. Largely dysfunctional from the outside, it turns out to be exactly what they all need.

‘Don’t send Flowers’ is a darkly funny look at life and death and living with both. And how cake if not a cure for cancer, is a pretty effective placebo .

This play contains references to/the following themes;
Mental illness (depression/anxiety)
Themes of terminal illness (Cancer)
Discussion of death

Advisory age 14 +

After 4 years of experimenting, Clock Tower Theatre has landed on its signature, which is New Writing. This may be Comedy or Drama. We constantly seek to discover new writers with a distinct voice.

Having developed a strong local comedy audience with our production of Service! (which as well as a run at the Edinburgh Fringe and a tour, was performed multiple times in Cardiff), we would like to develop a Drama audience which is reflected in our programming choices for this season, “Fifth”. We hope eventually to alternate between the two genres and encourage a crossover of the two audiences.

Alongside this we are currently developing workshops for young people and schools, with the aim of inspiring the next generation of creatives.

Don’t Send Flowers was chosen for our current Drama season because of Emily’s very distinct, irreverent voice on a deeply emotional topic. We are very excited to be producing the premier of her well-researched and compassionate play, laced with black humour.

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