25 February 2022

Fuel cost calculator

Our friends at Go Compare have shared this rather useful link!

Plan ahead for any journey. See how much you spend on petrol and diesel, whether it's your regular commute or a one-off trip. Fuel Cost Calculator - GoCompare | Journey Price Calculator

More ways to help save fuel

We’ve got a few economical tips to help you cut down on your fuel use (and keep a little extra money in your pocket):

1. Don't slam the pedals

Don’t stomp the pedals to speed up quickly or slow down abruptly (unless you’re doing an emergency stop) as sudden acceleration, or braking, burns more fuel than taking it easy.

2. Reduce weight and drag

The more weight your car carries the more fuel it burns, so maybe it’s time to clear out the boot. The same applies to drag, so avoid using roof racks or roof storage boxes where possible.

3. Refuel when it’s cool

Fuel is dense when it’s cooler and less dense when the temperature rises. Fuel pumps only measure the volume of fuel, not the density, so if you refuel later in the day when it’s warmer, that gallon you’ve put in your tank might not be a full gallon after all.

4. Don’t idle

As cars have become more efficient, it’s usually now most eco-friendly to turn off your engine and restart it, rather than leaving it idling.

5. Maintain your car

Keeping your car in peak condition will help you save a little fuel here and there, which all adds up. A few examples include replacing the air filter, making sure the fuel cap has a good seal, changing the oil and having the fuel injectors cleaned.

6. Check the tyre pressure

Low tyre pressure increases its resistance on the road, meaning you burn more fuel when moving. To fix this, there are plenty of useful gadgets for a DIY job or just ask your mechanic.

7. Avoid aftermarket solutions

It’s best to stick to manufacturer-recommended products as aftermarket ones aren’t usually optimised for your specific car and have minimal impact. As some modifications will increase the cost of your car insurance, it might be best to avoid changing your car from factory standard at all.

Is diesel more efficient than petrol?

Yes, but diesel costs more. While this means you might need less fuel, you’ll end up paying more for it so it might not be cheaper in the long run.

Tax for diesel cars is usually more expensive too due to emissions, but new diesel cars that meet Euro 6 standards or better tend to be exempt from new taxes at the moment, but this could change in the future.