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What is the Wolverhampton City Centre Gift Card and why should you buy one as a gift for Christmas?

Do you struggle to know what to buy loved ones for Christmas?

It's OK. It happens to us all at some point. It can even happen with Gift Cards for certain stores. You're never quite sure which one to buy... What if they don't like the store? Everybody has received a gift card and thought "But I don't really shop in that store" and it gets left in a drawer until the expiry date runs out. 

The Wolverhampton City Centre Gift Card is a great way to solve that festive problem. Simply put, it's a card you can spend at loads of different retailers. Whatsmore you can use it in restaurants, bars, beauty salons, cinema, theatre's and even at the Wolves FC megastore! In fact, you can spend it at over 125 City Centre Businesses. Suddenly it seems a whole lot more appealing as a gift idea, right? 

You can buy the gift card right from some retailers in the Wolverhampton City Centre - T.H. Baker in the Mander Centre, The Light House and Henns Family Jewellers on Princess Street. You can even buy it online, simply load the card with your desired value and we'll post it out to whoever you choose and it's ready to go the moment they receive it. 

A new pair of jeans, a break in a coffee shop, dinner at a bistro and a movie in the Light House Cinema! Combine a whole host of businesses to make the most of one gift card and enjoy a truly great day out in the City Centre. You can't get that with just one single store gift card!

Limited-Time Special Offer!! Buy a card for £30 and we will add another £5 to the card. Claim offer here!

Be Proud, Be Vocal, Do More & Shop Local

Now here's the real reason why you should buy the Wolverhampton City Centre Gift Card. The internet vs the high street! Up and down the UK, towns and cities' high streets need all the support they can get. Sure you might choose to buy your Wolverhampton City Centre Gift Card online but it will ultimately be spent where it is needed most. By choosing to spend locally, you know that money is being used to boost the local economy. It means all the difference! Twenty years from now people will be more disappointed by the things they didn't do than by the ones they did do. 

Support your City Centre and pick up a bargain or two in the process.

The 'only' way you can silence the trolls online who put our towns & cities' high streets down is through action! Think about the next time you want to make a purchase - does it need to be done online? Could it be made at local retailers? By taking a trip into Wolverhampton City Centre, you'll be showing your support to the long-standing retailers and independent businesses. No doubt you will also discover something new and wonderful that you didn't know was there. 

Read more about the Wolverhampton City Centre Gift Card or Buy Online at www.enjoywolverhamptongiftcard.com