19 January 2022

Wolverhampton Public Realm Works — Phase 3 Civic Hall Update

Wolverhampton Public Realm Works — Phase 3 Civic Hall Update

As you know Eurovia contracting working on behalf of City of Wolverhampton Council have commenced works on the city centre public realm improvement works. We are working hard to complete the civic hall zone by September 2022.

Traffic Management Pedestrian Restrictions:

To ensure the safety of our workforce and passing public it is necessary traffic management is in place while we complete the city centre improvements. Traffic marshals will be always present on site to assist with access through our works.

Road Closures

  • A road closure will be in place on North Street from 01.01.22 to 29.09.22

  • A road closure will be in place on Mitre Fold from 10.01.22 to 29.09.22, access will be maintained to the BT building where vehicles will enter and exit from Red Lion Street.


  • Delivery vehicles using Cheapside will need to access via Lichfield Street on to Exchange Street, then exiting onto North Street to Darlington Street.

  • There will be no vehicle access on to North Street from Mitre Fold, but we will maintain access for deliveries via Cheapside exiting on to Darlington Street.

  • Red Lion Street will be under two-way lights from 10.01.22 to 29.09.22 to accommodate road closures in place.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Megan Bloxham on the details below. 

Throughout our journey constructing this project you will receive consistent communication regarding scheme updates and progress, this will be in the form of email, posted letter or phone call if necessary.

Tel — 07759370906

Email —  megan.bloxham@eurovia.co.uk / CoWC-publicrealm@eurovia.co.uk

Thank you for your patience while we complete the city centre improvements

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