12 May 2022

“Barred from one, barred from all’ – City pubs come together to ban troublemakers

Wolverhampton City Centre pubs, bars and sports bars are coming together for a new Pub Watch scheme.

Together they are hoping to crack down on a minority of troublemakers in the city centre, with people being warned they face being barred from all licensed venues.

West Midlands Police, Wolverhampton BID and City of Wolverhampton Council are supporting a new Pubwatch initiative which aims to reduce anti-social behaviour and crime that excessive alcohol and drug abuse cause within the city centre.

Members from the city centre Pubwatch Group, will meet regularly as part of the initiative to discuss issues they have experienced. They will also ban individuals responsible for any trouble caused from all establishments.

Inspector Sophie Clement said: “People come into the city centre for an enjoyable and safe night out.  This initiative is aimed at tackling a small number of troublemakers who create an unpleasant environment for customers and staff.  We aim to enable a thriving night-time economy, minimising incidents of crime and anti-social behaviour, through effective partnership working.”

We want to ensure that this is dealt with and the Pub Watch initiative helps to pro-actively tackle crime and anti-social behaviour in the city centre.

Shaun Keasey Pubwatch chair and owner of 2 independent venues, Prince Albert on Railway Drive and Gorgeous Nightclub on School Street wants customers to understand it is not about banning everyone.

He said: “It’s not about people getting drunk and doing silly things as we all do that. If someone comes in here and breaks a glass by accident they are not going to be barred.”

“It’s for incidents when police have been called, an arrest has taken place and a Section 18 or Section 20 has been issued for example a group have been involved in a fight outside a venue and one of the males has been assaulted and injured..”

“The city centre evening economy is growing with huge investment from both the public and private sector at present, we want the city centre to be recognised as a safe city centre for both our customers and staff. We don’t have a lot of trouble but when there are issues, people don’t understand how it affects pubs.”

Cherry Shine, Director of Wolverhampton BID said “The scheme is another great example of by working together we can look out for each other and keep the small minority of troublemakers out of our city centre. Making it clear they are not welcome, will benefit everyone enjoying a great night out in a responsible way. Licensed venues are introducing “Barred from one, barred from all that operates in a lot of city centres to eradicate anti-social behaviour and any associated violence that may occur”.

Wolverhampton BID manages the crime reporting app Disc on behalf of city centre businesses including landlords and managers of licensed venues who through it have access for sharing information and intelligence. The Disc app together with Barred from One Barred from All really supports a thriving evening economy for the benefit of us all”.  Wolverhampton BID supports the evening economy through other initiatives including the radio link, late night safe haven and night guardians.